Thursday, June 11, 2015

Entry Table and Chalkboard Makeover

My husband and I bought a home last year, in our home you walk right into a wall right when you come in the front door.  I needed a piece of furniture that was not too wide, that was cute and affordable to go in that space.  I also did not want it to be too personal with pictures of my family in case someone strange knocked on my door.

I finished this project about a year ago, but I got an email from Wood Creations Furniture that they wanted our Color Story for Red, White & Blue Projects.  They inspired me to write this up!

I spent a total of $40 on our front entry furniture plus paint. 
This is the end result....
Now, it did not look like that when I bought it...  
This is what the entry table looked like before....
It was VERY sturdy, all WOOD, great BONES, very narrow, $40 and EXACTLY what I wanted except for the color.  My decoration style is definitely Farmhouse/Shabby Style so I definitely need to paint it.  
I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the Pure White.  I painted it with two light coats of paint then I heavy roughed it up with sandpaper. 
I LOVED the results!
I then needed something to go above the entry table.  I really wanted to do a family picture, but my husband didn't want everyone that came to our door to see our family. 
 So, I decided on a chalkboard.
A while back my sister, Brittany, gave me an ugly picture and frame that she was going to throw away.  I stuck it up in my attic thinking that I would eventually come up with something to do with it.  I decided to make it into the chalkboard...
I took the picture apart and painted the frame with the matching Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White.  Then I used Chalkboard Paint and painted the glass for the actual chalkboard.  
You cannot even recognize it is the same piece!!!
I absolutely LOVE how my entryway looks now especially for $40!!!  The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is SUPER easy to use!

Monday, June 1, 2015

POGO Pass Giveaway Winner!

We are so excited to announce the winner of the POGO Pass Giveaway
 For those of you who don't know, the POGO Pass includes many venues that you can access throughout the year in the Phoenix area for one price!  It will more than pay for itself with one use.  This is an excellent way to beat the summer boredom!

And right now, you can buy a POGO Pass for 60% off, making the price $39.98!  You don't want to miss out on this fun opportunity!

And now onto the winner of the POGO Pass!  The lucky winner is:


Congratulations Sarah, I will email you and you have 24 hours to respond back or we will pick another winner.  Thanks to all who entered!


Friday, May 22, 2015


Now that school is coming to an end, many of you may be wondering what to do to keep those kiddos busy for the next few SUMMER months. I know that I have thought those same things. There is a wonderful option that we have enjoyed this past year!

POGO Passes include many venues, which will be shared below, and right now, you can get 60% off the $99.95 price!  This will leave you paying $39.98 per pass when you use the code MOREFUN.  

POGO passes are an excellent way to beat that summer boredom and lasts for an entire year! It more than pays for itself over and over again! Each pass is worth about $1200 and will be worth more when Fat Cats opens!

Here are venues that are included with each ticket:

2 games to the Diamond Backs game
1 visit to Castles and Coasters
2 visits to Makutu's Island
2 visits Pump it Up
3 games to the Phoenix Mercury
3 games to the Arizona Rattlers
Multiple games to ASU sports
4 visits to Enchanted Island Amusement Park
1 visit to Golfland/Sunsplash
2 shows to the National Comedy Theatre
2 visits to the Phoenix Rock Gym
2 visits to the Phoenix Zoo
2 visits to Stratum Laser Tag
1 visit per month to Tempe Paintball
2 visits per month to Skateland
2 visits to the IDEA musuem
Coming soon: Fat Cats
*Venues are subject to change

These are great because there are many venues you can choose from and just by going to one venue, you save more money than the POGO passes cost!  We have used our POGO passes multiple times throughout the year and the kids love it!  And I love the money that I have saved!

So now onto the big GIVEAWAY!  How does one POGO pass sound? If you win the giveaway, we can either mail you a physical card or send you a code for the POGO pass.  So don't wait and enter the GIVEAWAY!  There are many ways to enter! 

*POGO Passes are available to use for venues in the Phoenix area.

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

Friday, May 15, 2015

Jackpot Candles Review

For those of you who haven't heard of Jackpot Candles, you are missing out!  They are amazing and delicious candles that will leave you wanting to light them every time of every day!  Believe me, every chance we had to light one of these candles, we did.  Even my older boys would wake up at 6am in the morning and light one.  They smell beautiful.  But there is literally a little jackpot, or surprise, in each candle!

I know you want to hear more...

Each candle is 100% soy and hand poured in Buffalo, NY.  And each candle has a free jewelry treasure in each one that values any where between $15 to $5000! Isn't that awesome!  You will burn these candles and anxiously await your new piece of jewelry!

Some of their best selling fragrances are: Cucumber Melon, Lilac, Sweet Pea, Vanilla Cupcake, Banana Nut Bread and the list goes on.   

Jewelry reveal steps steps

Once you find your treasure in the candle, carefully remove it from the wax and unwrap the jewelry from the foil.  Each piece of jewelry has a code typed on a sticker.  You can then go to the appraisal page and enter the code.  It will then tell you the appraisal value of your necklace, earrings or ring.  It's so fun!

I tried out two different scents: Watermelon and Pina Colada.  They both smelled amazing!  From one candle, I received a necklace and the other one, was a ring.  The necklace was valued $58 and the ring was valued at $17 and I love them both! They are both so beautiful and classic to me. 

So head on over to Jackpot Candles and order your own candle and have fun waiting for your jewelry.  These make great gifts as well!

Disclaimer: I received these products from Jackpot Candles.  This review is strictly my own opinion. 


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Kid Made Planter

The other afternoon, I was calling for my 11 year old son.  He wouldn't respond, so I thought that he was up in his room playing legos or reading.  After a little bit longer, he finally came to me.  I told him that I had been calling him for awhile. He apologized and asked me if I would like to see what he had built in the garage.


He loves to spend time in the garage working with my husband's tools.  He likes to build things and fix things. He loves to organize and clean out there.  Whenever my husband is out there he always has a little shadow.  I should have known that he was out in the garage the whole time.  In fact, there are some mornings when he will go out and work in the garage before school!


When he brought out this planter he made, I was completely shocked!  A few days before, he found a little plant growing next to our potted climbing rose bush.  He rescued the plant and had been nurturing it in a plastic cup for a few days.  I guess he thought it needed an upgrade!

I loved how he used old wood to make the sides and bottom.  He even drilled holes in the bottom to ensure proper drainage.  And I thought the twine he used around the planter was the perfect finishing touch!  It was so cute and I was so impressed! It's a good lesson to remember: never to underestimate a child!


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